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Please take advantage of the many resources listed below, for further study on your own.

Some of the books/DVDs listed below may be available for purchase at discounted prices at the events.

Wonders of Creation (Design in a fallen world)

2017 Release Book!

Genesis 1 to 11 Verse by Verse Commentary

Book by Dr. Andy McIntosh

Genesis For Today

Book by Dr. Andy McIntosh.

Origins -- Examining the Evidence

Book published by Truth in Science

Origin of Man

By Stuart Burgess

Hallmarks of Design

By Stuart Burgess

In six days -- why 50 scientists believe in Creation

Book on 6 days Creation

Should Christians Embrace Evolution

Book published by IVP

Genesis, Babel and the Chinese Language

DVD featuring Dr. Andy McIntosh

Intricacies of Flight

DVD featuring Dr. Andy McIntosh, discussing the amazing miracle of flight

Refracted Glory

DVD from Border Watch Films

Pocket Guides/Booklets from Answers in Genesis

Pocket Guides on Atheism, Dinosaurs, Logic and Faith, What is Science?, Best Evidences, Human Body, Astronomy, Young Earth, Apemen, Global Flood

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